Using Morrowind from with OpenMW

For some time now I have wanted to try OpenMW, the open-source Morrowind engine recreation, but I was lacking the required game resources.

I wanted to get them from gog, as I like their DRM-free, download and play, approach better than steam.

When Morrowind GOTY was on sale recently, I finally bought and downloaded it.

I thought I could simply unzip/cabextract the game files from the setup.exe, but it doesn’t work like that.
7-zip unpacks the executable just fine, but the bulk data is just a ~1.3 GB [0] file which file designates as data.

From the other extracted files it appears to be a innosetup installer and issuing apt-cache search inno (searching for innosetup does not work) turns up innoextract, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

So after running innoextract -e /path/to/setup_tes_morrowind_goty_2.0.0.7.exe you get all the required game data.

Just point openmw at the extracted Morrowind.esm and you are good to go.

FYI: OpenMW will remember the path to the data, so you might put it somewhere where it can stay.

Finding old stuff

I found an ancient Epson portable mini TV in one of my many boxes and it’s a perfect little monitor for my raspi.

Granted, I need to put some GUI with big visuals on there, but this makes me happy.

Weird stuff. I had this TV when I was still in school. Something like 16 years ago.


.import “wat.js” as WAT? or (THANK YOU, javascript)

So I’ve been playing with a Qt/QML application a little and wanted to import one js library in another.

So I wrote this:


which was replied by:


That’s all. I thought this couldn’t be difficult to fix but fuck this shit.

It took me long enough that I want to blog about it now.

At least I have the qtdeclarative code to see what it actually does.

The solution?


grumble This kind of shit happens when you make other shit optional and tack on some non-standard shit and… gah

But now there’s a blogpost on the internet with a solution :)

Multi-user Android on your phone

Ever since I had multiple users on my Nexus 7 I wanted a guest user on my phone. To try software I don’t really trust and to hand to others to go on the internet etc.

I recently found this: How to enable multiple user mode on CyanogenMod 10.1

Of course I had to try it and lo-and behold. A guest user on my phone. I’ve had issues accepting a phone call the other day so YMMV on how useful this is, but all in all I like the idea :)

Put your money where your mouth is…

… they say and so I did.

I’ve been looking for a way to use my own calendar/contacts back-end for Android (and even before that) for some time now.

I’ve tried lots of stuff:

  • Running my own syncml server and using multisync/opensync, back in the day on Symbian and the N900
  • Running various FOSS groupwares with Activesync support (Horde, SOGo)
  • Using Activesync gateways: sogosync, z-push and some derivatives with card-/caldav backends
  • Running standalone DAV servers with aCal

Nothing really worked for me.

Now I gave the DAVdroid project some of my money because they are doing a wonderful thing. Works with my owncloud, no duplicates so far :)


Android binary blobs and hadidi

While fiddling with cyanogenmod builds I was curious if the binaries in the TheMuppets repo for LGE binaries correspond to the current offerings of google.

The official binaries come in three self extracting tarball/shell files for the three companies providing the drivers and I wanted to quickly check against a checkout of the TheMuppets binaries.

As I had no tool handy to do the job and my python os getting rusty anyway I cobbled together what I wanted and pushed it to github:

All of the files not in the official binaries seem to have to do with Widevine DRM.

P.S. hadidi has some extra options like selecting the hash algorithm, printing hashes or being quiet and communicating through the exit code.

P.P.S. Binary Blobs Suck

Stable/Testing Debian and Mozilla Products

I depend on a current Firefox version for… well basically living.

Debian ‘testing’ ships with an iceweasel version 17 (== Firefox 17) which is old.
I mean ‘hieroglyphs in ancient egypt depicted Horus using Firefox 17’ old (in web terms).

The usual nerd-knee-jerk reaction is to just bump verything to unstable and be done with it.
(I know, you could also just pick ice[weasel|dove] from there but… meh)

But… sometimes it doesn’t seem the wisesest to do so and, looking for alternatives, I stumbled upon:

A repository with Mozilla software under the debian umbrella with current(-ish) versions even for oldstable.

Day saved. asmw happy.


Turns out there are a lot of make variants out there.

A couple of days ago the question came up if there is a ?make variant for every letter in the alphabet.


(Disclaimer: Not all of these are actual make variants [or, like, not obsolete and old], but they seem to deal with building software[ish] stuff)